O Happy Dagger: Two

NSFW Content Warnings

Dubious Consent ❤ Sadism/Masochism ❤ F/F ❤ Creampie (no impreg) ❤ Degrading Language ❤ Fingering ❤ Girldick ❤ Hair/Horn Pulling ❤ Living-Fucktoy ❤ Penis-in-vagina sex ❤ Physical Restraint ❤ Sensory Deprivation (Blindfold) ❤ Spanking ❤ Telepathy ❤ Unpersoning

Breakfast was porridge and an egg. The goddess was sitting on the floor and eating slowly, impeded somewhat by the blindfold. Athame watched as she attempted to fish the egg out of the bowl with her spoon. It kept slipping off. But it wouldn't do to have someone walk in and see those eyes. Certainly it had nothing to do with the enjoyment of watching her struggle.

She hadn't said anything this morning, just obeyed when Athame told her to eat.

She didn't need to eat, not really, she could stave off hunger and thirst with Athame's manna. Although Athame liked the idea of keeping her prisoner goddess on a diet of solely cum, practicality outweighed pleasure. Every dram that she used to keep her biology running was a dram that wasn't restoring her divine power. So: porridge and an egg, same as Athame had eaten.

She managed to get the egg to her lips, but was unprepared for the yolk, which was now dripping down over her chin.

Athame patiently waited for her to finish, then handed her a wet cloth. "Clean yourself up. You look like a toddler." She obeyed but didn't respond. "You'll need to get better at that. We need to keep the blindfold until we get to the temple. And that's still weeks away."

"Yes, mistress." A frisson ran down Athame's spine at her voice.

"We'll have to travel soon, so I can't keep hiding you in my tent. You'll need a name. A name that isn't Pathetic Whimpering Bitch."

"It's…" she mumbled, blushing.


"It's not that, anymore…after last night."

"Well, it can't get much worse. What is it now?"

"You're not going to like it. Or…you'll like it, probably…but you won't like that."

"Spare me the fucking suspense and just spit it out."

She mumbled something.

Athame clenched her fists. "Now I'm getting irritated. Speak the fuck up!"

"Ah," she chewed her lip, then set her bowl aside and crawled toward Athame on hands and knees. Athame's eyes widened and her ability to react was impeded by the sight of a beautiful, nude woman crawling toward her, breasts swaying. The goddess nearly climbed into her lap, pressing against her, and put her lips to her ear. "Sheath," she whispered.

Athame felt her cock twitch. She took a breath to steady herself and her nose was filled with the goddess's sunlight scent, which did not help. "What?"

"I'm…My Mistress's Sheath…I'm sorry."

"You're… my sheath," she growled. "Your name is basically Athame's Fucktoy?" The goddess nodded. "You might as well be called Living Cocksleeve. Is that how desperate you are for my dick? You fucking slut?"

"It's," Sheath whimpered, "it's just so good…you fucked me so good, Ath—" she swallowed. "—mi-mistress…"

Athame trailed a finger down Sheath's face, down her neck, between her breasts, down her stomach, reaching all the way between her legs to feel her soft pubic hair. She trembled at the touch, and gasped as Athame's fingers lightly grazed her clit but kept going. They gently slid into her pussy.

"You're so wet!" the priestess said with honest surprise. "Telling me your name made you that horny?" Sheath didn't respond except to gently grind against Athame's hand. "You had breakfast, and now you want breakfast, huh?"

Athame grabbed the goddess by one horn, curled a leg around her knee, and, with the motion of a practiced wrestler, flipped her and pinned her to the ground without taking her fingers out.

"Mistress…" Sheath breathed, and ran her hands over Athame's body. In a flash, Athame grabbed her wrists and slammed them to the ground.

"Did I fucking tell you to touch me?" Sheath quickly shook her head. "So why'd you do it, hm?"

"Feels…feels nice," she said with uncertainty. "You're pretty."

"I'm not doing this for your pleasure. I'm not here for you to play with. I'm not yours." Athame leaned in closer and spoke directly into her ear. "You're mine. Isn't that what you just told me? That the essence of your being is now my fuckhole?"


"Do you remember why I'm doing this?"

The goddess's breathing accelerated as she tried to figure out the right answer. Athame couldn't help a sharp grin from spreading across her face. She had an excuse to punish her no matter what she said.

"It's for…for me to get stronger."

"Oh, interesting. Because I don't remember telling you that." She flipped Sheath over onto her front. "Stay like that."

"Yes, mistress."

Athame stood and walked to her chest. She dug through her belongings, looking for something that would work. Not for the first time, she regretted getting rid of her ritual implements. She chewed her lip as she thought about using them on Sheath. Behind her, the goddess whimpered, and Athame wondered how much she was picking up from her thoughts. She remembered the dagger she'd taken her name from and visualized using it to cut patterns into Sheath's skin. The goddess gasped. Athame made her decision without thinking much about it and returned to straddle the goddess.

"This is for not keeping your hands to yourself." Using a length of rope, she tied a cuff around Sheath's wrists. She was careful; the goddess could heal any injury, but it would be a waste of magic that should be avoided if possible. After a moment of thought, she secured the cuffs to her bone-white horns. Athame got up and sat on the cot. "Stand," she ordered.

Sheath tried to obey too quickly, squirming around without getting anywhere. "You can't even do that? Maybe after this your name will be Worm." She groaned in frustration, and finally got her knees under her. Still too eager, she climbed to her feet and immediately overbalanced. "Shit," Athame swore, and practically had to dive to catch her before she crashed to the floor.

"Here, let me help." The priestess firmly grabbed her at the base of a horn and hoisted her up. She cried out, feet scrabbling for purchase, until finally they were firmly under her. Athame let go and she stumbled but didn't fall.

Athame sat back down on the cot and hummed in pleasure as she admired her goddess. She was breathing heavily now, and the tie she was in forced her to thrust her chest forward as though presenting her heavy breasts. It was breathtaking. Sheath blushed and fidgetted, perhaps picking up on Athame's thoughts again. Athame sighed in admiration. Even The Mother hadn't had this nice of a figure.

"Come here. Slowly."

Sheath bit her lip and took careful steps to cross the distance. She stopped, breasts dangling right in front of Athame's face. Inspired, Athame cupped one breast in her hand and pinched the nipple while taking the other into her mouth and circling it with her tongue. The goddess gasped and moaned. "More of that later," Athame breathed. "Now, kneel." She helped her goddess into position, kneeling beside her, then grabbed her by the horns and pulled her up so that she was laying face-down across her lap.

"This," Athame said slowly, "is for reading my mind without permission." She raised the riding crop she'd taken from her chest and brought it down hard across the goddess's ass. Sheath shrieked in pain and surprise. "That's something you do to other people." Another shriek as Athame laid into her. "With me, you only know what. I. Tell. You." Athame punctuated her words with strikes and the goddess began to sob.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please!"

"Please what?" She brought the crop down again. Her hand stung on the handle, a bare echo of what Sheath must be feeling now.

"Please—Please forgive me!" The last word came out as a yelp as Athame struck her again.

"I don't forgive you." Using the riding crop she gently stroked Sheath's wet mound. The goddess moaned and writhed so hard that Athame had to use her arm to pin her in place. "But I do absolve you." She brought the crop down with a wet slap directly onto Sheath's cunt and she screamed in earnest this time. "I am absolving you." Athame smacked her cunt again and she made a noise like an animal; a low, helpless groan.

It was addictive. Knowing that the goddess would not stop her, possibly could not stop her. That stopping her was alien to her very nature. Athame wanted to keep going, to see how low she could bring this shining divinity. But now there was something that she needed more. That they both needed. She put her arms under Sheath and dumped her onto the cot.

"Get this ready for me." Athame tossed her cock ring onto the cot near Sheath's face and she desperately lapped at it like a dog before getting it into her mouth and sucking on it like a treat.

Athame undressed fastidiously, folding her clothes and putting them in her chest as though there weren't a whimpering bitch ready to be fucked waiting on her bed. She admired the welts forming on Sheath's ass. There was a nostalgic feeling to it, like returning home. It felt right. She would feel bad about that later. For now…

"Give it." Sheath spat the ring back into her hand and Athame worked it over her cock. Then, to avoid last night's problem, she double-checked that the blindfold was secure. "If this starts to come off, you tell me. If it comes loose and you don't let me know, I'll assume you're taking it off on purpose and punish you appropriately."

"Y-yes, mistress."

"Now you just lay there like that and let me fuck you."


Athame climbed onto the cot and got between Sheath's legs. She slipped her fingers into the goddess's wet pussy and spread it apart, then guided her dick inside. "God, you're so wet. You really liked that? You really liked the way I hurt you?" She started slowly thrusting.

"Yes…yes, so much…"

"Why?" Athame grunted as she thrust again. "Why do you like it?" Gods, she felt good. It shouldn't be surprising, given that her pussy was literally divine.

"It…feels good." Sheath tightened inside as she said it, and Athame couldn't hold back a gasp. "You feel good, mistress."

Athame lowered herself and murmured into Sheath's ear. "People don't think pain feels good, stupid. But then, you're not really a person, are you? What are you?"

"A…A fucktoyyyy…" she moaned.

"That's right. You're not my goddess. Not yet. But I'll make you into one." Athame thought it like a mantra as she thrust, faster and harder, like it would justify her behavior. Not my goddess yet. Not my goddess yet. Not my goddess yet. She felt her orgasm approaching like a light in the distance.

"Tell me again what you are," Athame ordered, slowing down again and focusing on finding just the right motion to get herself off. "But don't use your mouth."

"I'm—" she cut herself off, clamping her mouth shut, and groaned in frustration. I'm a…

"You're a what?"

I'm a fucktoy… Athame slammed into her, two quick, hard thrusts. I'm My Mistress's SheathAthame started speeding up, and Sheath clamped down on her again, forcing a moan from the priestess's throat. Athame's cocksleeve…

"Good girl," Athame said with real appreciation. "Here it comes."

"Oh, please, thank you, mistress, thank you!"

Athame wrapped her arms tight around Sheath, squeezing with all her might and forcing the breath out of her as she thrust deep and burst. The orgasm ripped through her and she collapsed onto her goddess, panting. Sheath moaned and squirmed under her, rocking her hips back and forth.

"Stop it," Athame ordered. "Hold still."

Sheath froze, quivering slightly. "Please…please…don't stop…I'm close, mistress…"

"Shh." Athame put a finger on the goddess's lips. "We have to wait a moment. For the manna to absorb." She flexed her dick and Sheath whimpered. Athame reached down between them and pressed her hand to the goddess's clit. "Hold still," she repeated. "If you move, I stop." She bit her lip and nodded.

Gently, slowly, firmly, Athame started to rub at Sheath's clit. She lay still, shivers running through her body whenever Athame directly grazed her clit. She groaned in frustration when Athame ran a finger around it then when Athame pressed into it directly she yelped and clenched all her muscles.

She sped up her strokes and the goddess started to moan. The priestess had barely started to lose her erection, but she felt her dick start to get hard again, and she flexed it again. Sheath gasped.


"Cum for me."

"Nnng!" she stiffened as she came, muscles clenching and spasming around Athame's cock.

"Good girl." Athame brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them, savoring the taste of her goddess.

"Thank you…mistress…."

They lay like that for a few moments, then Athame pulled out, stood up, untied Sheath's hands, and started getting dressed.

"I can't call you Sheath where other people can hear it," she said after a moment.

Sheath blushed. "You can call me that. I'm not ashamed. To be yours." Athame smiled to herself. The goddess was an awful liar.

"It's…not really about that. Even if you're not my goddess yet, you're supposed to be. And calling you my fucktoy in public…it'll reveal too much about…" She trailed off.

"…About how I'm wrong." Sheath finished the thought. "How I'm broken."

"No, that's…that's not what I was going to say." Athame frowned and shook her head, nevermind that Sheath couldn't see it. "It doesn't matter. The point is, when we're with my followers—our followers—I'll call you Light, okay? And if anyone asks your name, don't tell them, just say ‘The Devouring Light.'"

"Okay. The Devouring Light." she pursed her lips. "It feels wrong."

Athame ignored her. "And you can call me high priestess. High Priestess Athame."

"High Priestess. Athame…" Athame shivered at the sound of her name in the goddess's mouth. She made it sound like a prayer. That was the wrong way around. She shouldn't like it so much.

"We'll need to get you some clothes. Also…your horns are a problem."

"My horns?" she reached up to touch them. "What's wrong with them?"

"People don't have horns. And until we're out of Heitia we have to pretend that you're a person. We can't keep you in a tent all the time." Athame chewed on her thumb. "They're too big to hide. I'll think of something." She already had thought of something, but wanted to keep it to herself. Maybe she'd think of something kinder. "You should be able to change your appearance. While I'm out today, see if you can get rid of them or…make them smaller or something."

"…Okay. I'll try." She sounded even less confident than usual, if that were possible. Athame didn't really think she'd master that trick in the next few days, but it was worth a shot.

"I'll be back before dark."

* * *

She wasn't. She'd had to argue with Basmir about their next moves. But ultimately Athame was the High Priestess, and it was her decision the party followed. So Baz was sent to the nearest settlement for some supplies, a two day trip, while the rest of the group stayed here.

This time when she got back, the goddess asleep was in the pile of blankets and pillows. Athame undressed and climbed in with her, and Sheath cuddled up to her. They laid there in silence for a while, the goddess stroking her hair.

"You don't need to do this. I don't…I don't cry every night; after every time I…"

"I'm glad. I don't want you to cry."

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